Keep Kiwis Working – build KiwiRail wagons here in New Zealand is a community campaign based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

We were founded on 22 February 2011 at a public meeting in Dunedin. The following resolution from that meeting states what we want:

“This meeting of Dunedin citizens fully back the RMTU campaign to have Kiwi Wagons built by Kiwi Rail, and will be actively campaigning in Dunedin for this goal.
We call on the Government and KiwiRail to cancel the contract with CNR and build all future rolling stock for New Zealand in New Zealand.
Every job lost at KiwiRail means another job lost in the community. If this Government does not start to show interest in jobs, industry and the future of our community, we will take this campaign against the Government politically, industrially and socially.”

In addition to our campaign, the Rail and Maritime Transport Union has been active in supporting the building of rolling stock in New Zealand workshops, as does another committee of local MPs, businesspeople and unionists.

Our campaign is aimed at ordinary New Zealand and Dunedin people to give them a chance to support secure jobs, skills and industry in our community.


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